Monday, July 28, 2014

Archipelago ice cream

A quick stop at one of the islands for a refreshing ice cream! 
(Half eaten up by my youngest!)

Swedish archipelago - part I

I I mean, what's not to like? The Swedish archipelago is known all around the world for its enchanting and magical islands and nature, filled with lushy green trees, birds, perfects spots to put a spontaneous anchor or just take a dip, preferably in the evening, naked when no one is watching.
This nature that we have, that come alive like nothing else during summer time, well it's just breath taking and free for everyone to take parts of and enjoy.
I had been eager for years to show M how I spent my summers, on the sea, in a boat, going from island to island, eating lunch at some lovely restaurant, mostly unknown for those not familiar with the sea or the areas, bathing when were we felt as there and then and cruise around, slowly having coffee in the boat or speeding, just to feel the strong wind in our hair.
The liberty and the soul-cleaning that happens when you sit in front of the boat, looking out on the waves clapping against the boat, creating these perfectly made slashes and fractions on the surface only known through these circumstances - well it's like food for the soul.

I was also thrilled to take our two boys to this experience and sure it's a lot of work with two small children on a boat, going off and on the boat with life west and all packing necessary when moving around with them, but oh was it worth it!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Swedish archipelago

Hi there!
My lack of updates this time is purely for the fact that we've been spending some days in my families country house and been out in the breath taking Swedish archipelago for a few days by boat. It's hard to describe our last couple of days. But they were absolutely amazing! 32° and sunny, clear blue water, cobs and islands where ever you looked and water warm and pleasant, perfect for swimming and playing.
We stopped for archipelago lunches every day with sea food at some of the lovely restaurants out on the islands and just enjoyed the best time ever. I have so many pictures I would like to show you ... It will come very soon. My small boys, our new house and just family life in average keeps me very busy as I've mentioned before.

Be patience!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ice cream

So the Swedish summer deliver like never before and we have almost tropical heat this high up north. It almost feels like being back in our house in South of France. Biggest difference is that over there, the evenings are just as warm, here it at least lower a couple of degrees during night which makes us sleep better.
This whole day was spent at some friends place, playing and dining at their pool. The children were half alive after and crashed in bed as soon as we got home.
Tomorrow we're leaving for a couple of days on the sea in the Swedish archipelago. Can't wait to see Alexis and Leon's reactions when they see how I grew up during my "young girl" summer days!

(dress: Escada, bag: Chanel, shades: Prada and shoes: South of France)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Closet love

One of lifes wonderful things, is to be away with an easy vacation closet and returning to a whole room full with clothes, bag, shoes and other fun accessories i almost forgot that I have!

(dress: Rodebjer, from here, snake bag: Balenciaga, shoes: Jennie-Ellen and shades: Prada. Pram: Stokke sibling Crusi)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer mode

While the very intensive (and sometimes frustrating) everyday life goes on here in Sweden again (by myself with the two children, today I was almost loosing it) I still have so many inspirational and beautiful pictures to show from our place in South of France. Stay tuned for more or those vibes soon!


Just a little reminder for you who liked this blouse or something else,
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From one destination to another

Will miss my daily dose of the creamy coconut yoghurt and this lovely body lotion I always use when down there.
So me and the kids left South of France, my happy place and returned to our house in Stockholm. Thank you beloved T and S for everything! The trip was of course v e r y intensive with these small fellows and all luggage by myself, but it went fine. M was already at home in our house since he went earlier and it was also very comforting coming back to our home. All the space, some new furnitures that arrived and just feeling the family house in bloom. Most of our flowers has already bloomed so it's a lot to do now in the garden, not to mention the maintenance of the fruit trees. Next year we need to find a good gardener to help with all bushes, trees and flowers - have no idea how to deal with them!
But just one day after we came home, our oldest turned three years old! This beautiful, first born boy of mine who I love so indescribable much it's insane. Mormor and morfar came of course and gave a big parcel. We had Tofu icecream cake (he is milk protein allergic and perhaps egg allergic) and just had a cosy day until I sent M away to the airport again.
Talk soon!