Sunday, July 26, 2015

Going out

Yesterday I was wearing this handmade tunic I got from my man in Morocco and matched it with this clutch handbag from the market and sandals. I love when you get memories from different places.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dinner time

So this super funny, actually hilarious group of family members went out for a late night dinner yesterday. We had the funniest jazz/80's music playing live with a nice sea food menu. Too many Limoncello in the end for me and my sort of sister in law, but what can you do? You only live once and when living in two different continents, one have to take the opportunity when you can!

My man seems to have closed his eyes on every single group picture we took, but what can you do?

Friday, July 24, 2015

My boys

MIAMI - Family

So now we have our beloved family from Miami here, M's cousin and his lovely and very stylish wife and toddler. So again lot's of fun, love and laughter!

Furry pinjata

He might be Mexican mr Tiger, alisas the furry pinjata, but even him need a swim in the pool every second day.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


For all of you interested in the baskets, I've bought 30 of them and they will be up for purchase as son as I find time. They are beyond gorgeous.

Problem is that I have actually very little time to do this, even though I thought I would have time to take picture of them and do it like other years. But so many guest and the kids to look after, the easiest is actually that you who are really interested and know more or less what colours you'd prefer and trust my taste, to just send me an email at and i'll send back immediate paying instructions and you'll be sure to have one. If you know what colour preferences you'd like, write it in an email, if it doesn't care, that you want me to chose, then let me know and I'll send a stunning one. All f them are easy to match to jeans and whatever you wear in your everyday life! I bought them with great care and chic taste! I have three neutral ones also, so in natural beige colour, the rest are beautiful in orange, blue, green, yellow, pink and red like all years.

Price: 550SEK or 59EURO for Europe and unfortunately they raised the cost to US so those needs to be 650SEK or 65US - shipping and everything included of course!

Don't forget to add colour preferences and your address.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

South of France - jump suit

Been living in this comfortable jump suit in the leisure evenings that I got just before I left Stockholm. In 36°, what can you do? It needs to be light, pretty and feel lovely towards the skin.

(jumpsuit: Lindex, heels: Hermés)

White'n silver reflections

This is the first year, sitting by the pool relaxing and looking fabulous isn't really possible. With two crazy monkeys who wan't to dive, jump from the poolside into the water, swim under water and just have fun, I'm constantly wet in my hair (morrrrr, before I had wet hair day every third day which meant being all crazy in the pool with Alexis) but now a days, who has time to care, we just try to be with them and teach them how to enjoy life, enjoy the pool and how to swim and be under water. I've always been quite daring to my boys (and little sister, I forced her early inn life how to use water to the maximum and she was known as the little dolphin) and they are very advanced in the water for their age and now they can to anything if they do it supervised and with care and respect for the water. Alexis is almost swimming by now and he is sometimes more under water, swimming and diving after stones or things, then over water. My man did a good job teaching all of the diving skills and how to handle the feet and the arms when floating.
 Leon was very afraid from the beginning but I pushed him a little and now he is just as crazy as his brother being so excited one can only laugh. This means so much fun during days but no fancy smancy pictures next to the pool!

(shades: Dior, bathing suit: Eres)

Monday, July 20, 2015

♥♥♥ ALEXIS 4 year ♥♥♥

Ohhh it's ALL about our oldest today since our beautiful, determent, super energetic, kind, generous and loving first born Alexis  is turning 4 years old today. I could not love anyone more then my children and they are a gift to me everyday. To take part of his development is such an adventurous journey and I think i learn something about myself everyday just by having them around me. Life is a LIFE when you get children. When everything feels hopeless and I have a chat or get a wet kiss from any of my boys, I feel so wealthy and rich, words can't describe that feeling of meaning.

I love you so much Alexis and you will always be so special to me, I truly think our souls are connected since birth. 

Great times

Just great times! Lots of fun, super late dinners, crazy chaos and laughter.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Oyster lunch

And someone up there was kind enough to create good friends, oysters served with sparkling and refreshing wine. The weather has been outstanding and extremely hot, about 33-36°. Phuu ... I am bathing all day long, what else can you do in this sort of heat?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Côte Mas - South of France

As you loyal followers during the years know by now, we come to the astonishingly surrounding of Côte Mas by Paul Mas at least one time per year when we're down here, most often two times. It has become a tradition to gather a photo by the stairs and the whole evening with the sun going down over the South of French-ish hills, wines, olive trees in the horizon, it's undesirable, you have to feel the warm winds and get the love from the sun yourself to understand. Some things are just meant to be lived.

Mr H, is actually my man's first own Swedish friend. They meet quite particular, through this blog and the sheared interest in airplane and wines and both share the hobby by being pilots of smaller airplanes. Mr H is now (according to me) one of the coolest men M has around him in Sweden, really a true inspiration in so many ways so how can we not invite them to our home for a couple of nights? His wife, the lovely V that I come to enjoy and cherish so much also, has such a brilliant, raw humour, is completely crazy and not at all so sober and elegant that she looks (in a good way). She is warm, super funny, loving, affectionate and very caring - sides I love. They went along with their sweet heart, daughter that my boys almost drew insane, but what can you do. Boys will be boys ...

some other pictures from other years here and here ...