Thursday, August 27, 2015


On Thursday's I work until 5pm and today I went by an event in the evening that Lindex held in with a really price worthy autumn collection. Real leather, good jeans (amazing boyfriend models and a jeans skirt I just have to have)... There's a lot to look forward to.
I've had to reply No to most things during this past week's Stockholm Fashion Week, mainly because most of the shows are during daytime when I actually do work, the rest has been in the evening and then I've prioritised to be with my children.

Hope you all had a lovely day!

(coat: Chanel, shirt: Tom Ford, jeans: H&M, boots: Footlight)

Comfy chic

So yesterday, my youngest birthday of all days, I got my hair done. We celebrated the loveable youngest with ice cream cake with fresh rasberries in the morning, lighted candles and songs. He was the cutest of the cutest when we came in in the darkness, so yummy I just needed so bombard him with kisses. I don't think he understod one single thing, but he seemed happy and his older brother was super exited so it all went fine.

I took care of all the logistic with the children in the morning and drove them to school and kindergarden and went to the hairdresser, did some errands and fetched my oldes again who is still doing "inskolning" which means they quit earlier for three weeks. So I had to wear movable and comfy clothes which is always my favourite choice.
Now we're off to see my God daughter for a simple Pizza and donuts evening with all children.

(cardigan: From a boutique in SOF, pants: Isabel Marant, top: Banana Republic, bag: Cèline & ballets: Chanel)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Leon my love, yesterday evening when putting you to bed, which is such a cosy time, I remembered how it was that evening, two years ago, when I knew you had planned to arrive. I felt it in my whole body, that you anted to come out and you did it so tenderly and perfect, just like in a book. From that day I was madly in love. In love in your easy going personality, your endless chubbiness, that kind, kind face and the aways so curious personality. You didn't give kisses randomly and freely like your older brother and yet you were so loving. You always had a lot of integrity and could play by yourself even when you where really small. Always so pleasant to have around. When you arrived to this family, you truly came as a gift from an angel, completed us and once again, got me to realise how wonderful it is to be gifted with boys. You have just as much energy, if not more, then your brother yet you both are so different form each other. I'm connected with you forever and ever with our souls. I can still feel drawn to your smell, flesh and body just like a passionate loving relationship. If I haven't huged you or tickled you during one day, I feel lonely and empty. Thank you Leon for being a part of me and I will always support you and love you the deepest and most present way I possibly can. You are my treasure.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pre-autumn boots

I know it's still 26° outside and that's actually just fabulous, but the autumn girl in me long for boots as mentioned before, so I was amazingly thrilled when I found these 'between season' stunners in black suede (found here). I wore them today with an old leather skirt, Alexander Wang t-shirt and my fabulous neon yellow friend from Louis Vuitton.
Luckily I got an appointment tomorrow at the hair dresser and I hope she can get some sort of hairdo back in place. Another great thing the 26th of August (tomorrow) is that my dearest and smallest/youngest Big love is turning two years old!

So much to be happy for!

Monday, August 24, 2015

First school day

So school is going really well for our oldest, integrating him in a very different system with English as only language. His teachers seems so sweet and it's really fun to get to know the other parents a little, even most of them are stay at home mothers so I can't chit chat that much in the mornings.
The weather have been absolutely outstanding in August and we enjoy it as much as you can will all logistics, but honestly, I'm already a little bit feed up with dresses and sandals. Can't wait to enjoy all of my new autumn garments and boots with nice leather pants and gorgeous colours of the tree. The other part though, winter and spring we can skip. Let's just have summer and autumn all year through, right?

This week I need:

  1. Get a hair cut
  2. Do Botox in my forehead and if I have time, Restylane Vital which is so amazing for a slight plumping and freshness in the face. A chemical peeling would soon do me good since I don't think I will tan anymore. Read more about all of this HERE and welcome to book an appointment for whatever you are interested in improving yourself!
  3. Take a power walk to get my energy up and mind in a good state!

(dress: Phillip Lim, shoes: Hermés, bracelet: Fendi & bag: Cèline)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chaotic wknd

This weekend has been so particular, we had a knife in our car's wheal on a parking lot at Djurgården and while we stood there in the middle of the chaos of changing tire with two tired children running around among all cars, someone stole my new Céline bag with everything of importance in it that we had put inside the car.
After two kind souls lended us there phone we could actually located my stolen bag within like 500m away from us since my phone was in my bag. (I had the app "Find my Iphone" in it). A kind man and my man runned after and finally got their hands on it, but of course, with a few things missing. How crazy is that? But at least no one got hurt and my handbag was back.

Eventually we came home and after three hours in this mess I fell asleep as a rock. The police told us that this was common, they look for rather expensive cars when they drive in to the parking, witness the people going away from the car, put a knife in it and knows there's going to be chaos when the owners are back and then take advantage off that and steal handbags, phones, computers etc. So please watch out!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Loose fit

The other night we had an educational evening and lovely dinner at Miss Von after, unfortunately my oldest was sick and my man as well so I had to rush back home with the car again as soon as possible. But I wore a combo of jacket, trousers, bag and shoes by Cèline, Isabel Marant and Louboutins, some of my favourite brand.

I've had a horrible migraine marathon the last couple of weeks so I'll stop with the Gluten again and no alcohol for a while. I hope it will make me feel a little bit better!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It's my oldest who is starting this international school, not me, yet I can't sleep and feel so nervous. To make the right decisions, the best for him always  - and thereafter find ways to solve the logistic working for our lifestyle. Not easy when my man is gone every second week and I'm working partly and need to leave and fetch both children at different places. I'm slightly stressed before we have found a working solution let me tell you, to say the least ...

Today the school hosted a wonderful "meet the new parents" at Villa Pauli and a lot of my anxiety went away. My man is not worried at all and went to the same school when he was younger, but for me, starting real school at four years old is new.

And what an great school this seems to be and amazing to be around these great parents and extremely international surrounding. I hope they will keep living up to my expectations.
They offered typical English tea and scones and we had the opportunity to meet everyone new for the year. Parents with older children already attending the school gave it tons of compliments - it's clearly stricter, more personal offered, earlier eductation, more discipline with a clear respect to the teachers, more education but also a lot of fun, playing, things happening throughout the school and a school-togetherness.

I left the place feeling so thankful that Alexis will go there and Leon hopefully next year.

Into the blue

Blue weekend memories.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The best way ...

A 20min drive from where my parents have the summer house in the Swedish archipelago, this extraordinary pearl of richness from the nature is just there to take part of. It's a aesthetically perfect made garden house, and outside garden, enormous actually and inside is this treasure of everything natural and tasty, just how vegetables is suppose to be and feel in your mouth.
You pay by yourself and taking the weight and have the respect and honesty to take your correct change back yourself. I love that there's still some parts of life when this sort of small loyalty business work.
Having the children growing up partly in Switzerland and during summers in South of France, where everything comes from the market, clean and natural, these small places feels like a warm hug of sincereness and the true gift food has for us humans.
It's also a great way to teach our children that a cucumber (crunchy, ohhh they taste so lovely) grow and that tomatoes can actually taste sweet as an pineapple. It's of such importance to give them this lesson when most things comes from big grocery stores and our vegetables has often never even seen the true sun or felt pure soil under their life span.
My mother has always been very aware of what we've been eating and was what I would call it, an revolutioniser in many ways growing up and she taught us to LOVE vegetables, grained dark bread, the real food, never ready made or processed things and that's what I want to do with our own children also. Give them the knowledge that a tomato is actually not a tomato just because it looks like one. Most of them are artificially coloured red (just like strawberries) and has a perfect shape, real tomatoes don't and most of all, lacks the flavour and all the nourishment.
Me picking and picking (and eating) very seriously and devoted, while trying to get better from migraine headache. But what can be better then hanging with this loving crowd? In a beautiful garden house of pure sweets?
The children loved helping us pick all of these delicacies and maybe one or twenty went down in their bellies immediately, like fuel for all the running and hiding ...
The sad part with all of this is that true food like the natural, ecological, biological, is so pricy compare to what it's sold for in a mass produced place like where the huge food stores buys from. Food becomes a segregation and class question which it should never be. True food should be what is offered around us, but like we all are aware off by now, that's far from the truth.
Me and my man very often dig into these documentaries about how tragic our food is nowadays, how animals are being slaughted and treated worse then ever, filled with hormones and forced to grow unnaturally much - big companies are controlling most of the worlds food consumption and in the end, what we eat. Nothing is real and sustainable. It's devastating to see. It's truly sad.

And the end result, just there, as snacks during the day, tasting like heaven mixes with the most loveliest of fruit in our mouth. Can't be better then that!

Hope you have a nice day and please, always think quality over quantity, (unless it's your children, they always need quantify over quality, preferably lots of quantity of quality) ...

Black'n wedges

For me, a perfect "running errands with the small monkeys" kind of look the other day. The dress is actually more fun to these Isabel Marant wedges then with high heels if you ask me and they fit my very busy lifestyle excellent!

7.58am Morning puffy

So this is what I wore today, this gorgeous Monday morning where I was so tired and my head still banging after migraine. I look so morning puffy that I should't show you these pictures, but hopefully you'd rather look at what I'm wearing then how my face look! I love my smaller Trapeze from Céline, it might actually be my new favourite bag in a long, long time, years almost!

My oldest little monkey is starting "real" school this week, International school where everything is in English and I'm so nervous. He will start earlier then the children do in Sweden but I'm sure it will benefit him so much even though my motherly heart is realising what a big step this is for him (me). Not to mention how to solve the logistic of dropping two children off far away from each other and also be able to fetch them both in time, and work on top of that. Anyone with trix that would help, please write them down. I guess planning and structuring will take me to another level this year!

Note to myself: go to the hair dresser and start power walk, not for the loosing weight point of it, more because I feel so good in my body and mind when doing so.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Last ten days

Oh this weekend my man just came back home from Geneva and work after being away ten days and we hit the car directly and drove out to the summer house, my parents and boat life. Ten days without help of nanny or anything, completely by myself with everything and working on top of that, I have had migraine marathon one after each other but still, enjoyed every moment with my boys and my house. But let me tell you it's intense, I truly don't understand how single mother without any help manage.

Anyhow, this is us again yesterday. A whole day out on the ocean and doing what we love most, spending time together in the nature!

I promise to give more regular updates now again!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Archipelago wknd

Messy hair from the wind of the boat speed, sea birds and smell of fresh and pure nature and water. My father, always so majestic as a captain and my mother, always so warm, motherly and patience with a blessed personality to always see the beauty of life, especially in the small things. My children, so fascinated and happy in this type of adventurous surrounding. We've all been growing up on the water, my whole summer breaks spent on a boat as soon as the weather allowed.
It was so sad my man could not join us this time, he madly and deeply love the Swedish archipelago and the pureness of it all, one can only witness by being there and feeling so alive. The beauty of simplicity for sure!

Hopefully the whole family can go out a longer trip next weekend!