Friday, May 29, 2015

The new Stokke Scoot

Little Leon's first own pram, oh my God he was so proud to have his own one that he would beat Alexis up if he only touched it or tired to use it ... Summary - he would defend it to the end. He knows very clear that this one is his. He even helped me unpack it.

We have the older model of Stokke Scoot in black for Alexis when we're on the run, in the city or going with the car since it's so easy to use and fold. You can make it change into different sitting phases, flip it around so that the child looks on you or the other way plus the best thing, it has a sleeping option so that the child can have it's nap on the run.
Leon has sort of inherited Alexis old prams but the older he gets the more aware he is of things, what belongs to whom, so we felt like we needed to get one that is truly his.
This new pale turquoise is just beautiful and it comes with grey details since grey is Leon's signature. The wheels are smarter on this pram even though we loved the old model also. You can also adjust the handle on this new Scoot model which is preferable of course. They come in so many new shades, I would love to have one for every day!

I wanted to take one cute picture with Leon in it or climbing into it - but these pictures are all so loveable, I just had to post a few of them!

Check it out here.

Love form us!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Project terrace

Project terrace in the making! Outside dining table and flowers are getting into our home with matchy details. This summer will hopefully be spent a lot outside while the inside is getting a lot done also!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Luxury nr 2 - having the time

What a perfect day I've had. If I wouldn't have been so hungover from my longed for Canadian Tree Syrup (Sortil├Ęge liquor) which is my absolute favourite as an aperitif (or four). I just can't get enough of it (or my man who came back after a loooooong time in Canada and only stays two nights before he leaves again) so this morning would have been perfect if my body (head) wasn't poisoned by alcohol.
But around lunch I felt better and we had food at a small restaurant with some asian fusion and planned the upcoming project of our house and terrace in just such a peaceful, slow motion. I wore this new silk blouse from Greta with blue jeans, a combo which I love.

The rest of afternoon was spent in the garden with the kids, planting flowers, putting pots out and taking away weeds while from time to time making a snail nest, looking for the squirrel and stuff like that.

Suddenly my mood is better and I feel less heavy in my mind, it's all about listening to that small inner voice which is trying to guide you in what to do in life, what choices to take and how to priority the days we have here and now.


Luxury is when you have a cosy morning at home, enjoy your coffe and breakfast in bed and finally have time to feel the breeze from the bedroom teracce slowly blending with the inside air and suddenly have a delivery boy coming with such a beautiful parcel of pure luxury.
Flattered never fails to amaze me and they treat their customers so nicely. This is the third time I'm ordering things from them (before it was those lovely suede inside slippers that looks like ballerinas but with sheep fur inside, wearing the dark green as I write this post and my guest have the pink ones) and this time it's their newly lanched outdoor ballerinas and how could I resist the animal printed?

How chic are these?

Love them!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Sunday mood in this (finally) sunny and warm Stockholm. My boys are up so early (6am), sometimes it feels like I've lived a whole life before lunchtime when we already been to different parks and excursions. One thing is for sure, I will never be fat with these two energy monkeys next to me.
After the lunch nap I took them into the city with the wonderful Roslagsbanan train and spontaneously meet one of my friends and her daughter, after we took the tram back and now the small one is finally in bed while my oldest is watching a film. My man is back home after almost two weeks gone this week ... That will be ... very nice to say the least.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Necessary changes

Combining a great career with motherhood and a man who is often away, yes, it's absolutely tiring and not until now have I realised how much I actually struggle. When you work hard and coming home to two very needing children and everything else that belongs to a family life, it can really take the best out of you just because you try so hard to give all you can to each one of the areas, either it's a patient or my children. But since I started working half a year ago now, I have almost stopped exciting myself, there's really no time for Stina, not even 30min in the weekends because I always want to be with my boys (and my man if he is at home) whenever I'm not at work. I completely dedicate myself to them and always feel guilty when leaving them away to kindergarden for me to be able to work. I know they love it, but even so, I question the fact that someone else is taking care of my own children so many hours per day, I really think it's me who should do it more even though I also love it because taking care of two small children are a full time job itself.
This concern is especially when thinking about Leon, since Alexis had me at home for almost three years. I feel like I'm missing so much and I want to be more with my youngest, to give him the same sort of start in life.

So from next week I'll do some changes in my work scheme. I've been thinking about this for a long time and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Life is really here and now and I want to be as present as I possible can for my children.

So all new and old patient, bare with me, it will be harder to find appointments but just be out in good time when you book yourself and I'm sure you will hardly notice any difference!

Have a lovely Saturday and I just can't wait for this change that starts next week!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Just saying ...


These Jimmy Choo glasses and this new coat - ♥

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another one

Apologise for the lack of updates recently but my mood and energy has been tormented by a lot of migraine in a bad combination of some sort of "weather depression". I'm so sensitive to what's outside my window in the morning, I must have been born in another (warmer, sunnier) continent in my former life. I really get into some sort of blues when it's just cold, grey and rainy.
If that wasn't enough for my poor soul I'm also very impacted my PMS, (pree-menstrual symptoms) and most of you women out there probably know what I'm talking about. Suddenly life feels like in incognito, black and nothing is fun and everything is just doll and has no meaning. When the period is over you feel reborn again and life is easier, lighter and you understand that yet again, it was this hormonal devil ruining your senses.

Anyhow, to celebrate the first sunshine yesterday I ordered this lovely coat express from my favourite Scandinavian online store and it arrived today. It may sound superficial but a coat can really cheer me up in a gloomy everyday life. I just can't wait to use it with my light blue Chanel bag.

(coat: from HERE)

Monday, May 18, 2015


Park fun, hot dog, fooling around, kisses, playing, ice cream  ... 
My blue eyes and brown/green eye blondes. I love being with these two.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

On the go

Me and my boys. 

Saturday fun in the city. Ended it with a horrible migraine attack in the late evening.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

stina's vintage store


MORE new things up in Stina's Vintage Store.

Like always it's first comes first served so be fast! 
Brands like Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, 
Samsoe&Samsoe, Christian Louboutin, MiuMiu & Prada.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Another cold cloud has decided to destroy all sunlight and warmth here up north and it was with mixed feelings I had to wear a cashmere sweater again under this gorgeous morning robe(ish) coat from Rodebjer (to be found here) in the humidity to go out and buy medicament to my youngest and me who both seems to have been giving each other too many french kisses in the end and caught the same mild cold.

Can you tell that I flipped the coat this time and for the occasion wore it with the white side out?

Berlin - @ Nacht

The best Berlin guide one can find and also the sweetest, my Dear half German friend C. There was not much time to anything else then work related matters, but a few hours here and there and of course, dinners and wine in the evenings. ♡

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So a random mix from the very intense weekend. Like with everywhere except Stockholm and Switzerland, I'm always amazed how cheep everything is. It must be so wonderful to live, really live in a city where going out to eat at a nice restaurant and dine is not a minimum 120Euro per person, where a long ride of taxi in the evening is 15Euro and a wonderful glass of nice wine is 3.3Euro. I mean, I feel sad for the tourists coming to Stockholm, they most wonder what on earth is our problem and I can only agree.

Although there was no time for shopping, the possibilities seemed perfect and we went by many cool stores with amazing things. All high end brands has fine stores and really fun restaurants and clubs.
Else the city is so different, one can really feel the alternative living and the very easy going/strong personality mentality on a lot of people. They say it's poor city in the sense that the salaries are low which probably makes the "cheap" reality less for the people living and working there but even so it had a very togetherness feeling as an atmosphere. The houses and apartments are full of graffiti, something that would immediately be cleaned away in most modern cities I guess, but here they seemed to be allowed and just add another level of roughness and liberated dirtiness in a weird mix of everything else.
When we arrived the summer stood by the door and it looked so bushy and pretty.

I know the under ground world after midnight is crazy and we actually went to a members club on Saturday night I found out through one guy at The Soho House, where you are driven to an area most people would be scared being dropped at, something that looked like a alley for drugs and throwing trash. But behind a door which looked even worse then you could ever imagine, hidden (and completely impossible to find out and understand that anything of sophistication was behind) was this amazing high end club where they said all celebrities and famous people hang. My girlfriend almost refused to get out of the taxi, but clubbing in BC I know that some of the really thrilling places are just hiding behind something that would never make sense. Anyhow it was fun and always gives vibrate memories for life but being up at 7am for the whole purpose of the trip, one of a lifetime Medical Anatomy course, only allowed and held in Berlin and that lasted almost the whole day, we only had energy for midnight and left before all the most crazy of fun began.

I can't wait to get back here when the boys are older so we can teach them everything about what happened during the world wars and also when the wall came and later fell. It's an incredible amount of history one need to be very familiar with, especially since the wall existed until 1989, which seems just around the corner.
Another fun thing is the museums and exhibitions this city normally hosts, the same New York shows often arrives here and I would have loved to visit the Mario Testino show - but work and dinners was prioritised on this trip.

Thank you Berlin! Was a pleasure feeling your vibes for a wknd!

Monday, May 11, 2015


While impatiently waiting for pictures from Berlin (and while now, at 10.25pm I sit down at my computer the first time for a quick stop) I give you this happy face photo of us, after this very demanding Medical Anatomy course from early morning on Saturday to late afternoon.
We deserved some nice white Riesling and this is how happy you become after.

Salut and talk soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Next stop - BERLIN

Berlin cavalcade is coming up, but first - deepest kiss to my beautiful man who is turning one year older with me today. Can't be more grateful to have meet a man who doesn't sit when I say so but in the same way would run around the world three times if that would be what it takes to be with me. A man who still drives me crazy in passion and who I want to grow old with. A man who I fight with like a cat fights a dog, but in the end protects me like a wild animal.
I love you with all my soul, heart and mind. No one has ever had my attention since you decided to have me with all of your determination.

(me in Berlin this weekend with these lovely flare silk pants in ecological material from Dreams through a lens, shoot by Mary McCartney for Kappahl)