Wednesday, May 4, 2016



So if you follow me on Instagram (stina_auer), you've seen this tuxedo looking shirt from the front side, and this is the interesting cut from behind. Love it and actually perfect for a warm day like today when we easily enjoy a little breeze on the skin.
My oldest is having his spring break now so since it's my day off, I took him with my girlfriends to a lovely garden restaurant where he could play around in a lovely environment when us women talked about, yes, you know, men, relationships, clothes, children and all exercise we never have time to do ...

Talk soon!

(shirt: Stella McCartney, jeans: Gina Tricot, sandals: Zara Home, sunnies: Dior & bag: Chanel)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

All about the ...


Black. I get bored, I think it's lame ... and then I fall straight back in love and think it's powerful, elegant, fashionable, sober ... It's just so ... black and beautiful, in its own settle way.

(coat: Minimarket: turtle neck: Chanel: leather culottes: Lindex, bag: from New York, shades: Fendi & flats: Céline)

Monday, May 2, 2016

The passion for ...

// RED //

Now there will be some jumping between the rest of the New York pictures and life back home, hope you enjoy the contrasts!
Lately another colour I've been very fond of again, is red. This bright, tomato red that sometimes feel a little too much when being blond is suddenly perfect when you are a brunette. I want a new red bag in exactly that shade of red and have one in mind, we'll see.

I combined my red Chanel ballerinas with these red, gorgeous sunglasses, also from Hydes. The frames are thick and high quality, just like I want them with a fun twist yet very fashionable.

Have a lovely evening, we had dinner outside at our terrace in 19° and sunny, suddenly owning a house, garden and all makes so much sense.

Have a wonderful evening!

New in


I got this hat during our trip and It was an instant crush. I need to get more hats, such an extraordinary accessorie and also protects from the sun which is always good when caring for your skin. Normally I boy my summer hats from the market close to the house in South of France, but this is a real, handmade Panama hat but in this gorgeous orange/hazelnut colour.

Sometimes I feel like a hat is adding too much of a "dressed out feeling", but this one was just so sober, it really made some of my styles much more interesting.



Preferably enjoyed on the 39th floor.

Sunday, May 1, 2016



I I got in love again in this two year old jumpsuit Lindex made to measure for me. So urban and cool (but complicated every time I needed to got to the ladies ...)

(bag: Fendi, shades: Dior & flats: Nicholas Kirkwood)

All day long ...

//FROM A to Z//

Spring in the air, spring in my mind, spring in the places we went to and enjoyed life to the fullest. We went to Meatpacking district to see the new Highland which is this old train track they redid and built a walking park on that goes on for quite a bit. They serve ice cream and coffee along the way and I think it's an amazing idea to make the area even more popular. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Be generous


This was one of my favorite styles on our trip, fresh, comfortable and I don't know how many kind compliments I received on the streets by women and men which I always find is so kind and cute. That someone takes the time and give.
Myself, always try to enhance someone who I see made an effort, it's such an easy gesture and the person will most probably be overwhelmed by gratitude. We should always give to others when we can. During years passing I've learned how to say "Thank you" rather then" No, really" and so on.

For me, there's nothing as inspiring as men and women out there putting some extra effort in the way they are as human and the way they dress. It's like the rainbow in my everyday life where most people are dressed with very little thought to it.
(sweater: Chloé, vest: Zara, pants: Stella McCartney, bag: Louis Vuitton & new flats: Nicholas Kirkwood)



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evening out

So every night we had a restaurant reserved, sometimes with M's friends, sometimes just him and me. One thing the Americans are good at, is cooking. No matter where we went, the food was AMAZING! Smallest little breakfast to high end or normal "around the corner" lunch - it was always so nom-nom and great. I can truly say we eat ourselves around NYC.

From 7am

Another beautiful day, we really had the weather Gods when visiting, sun almost everyday and warm but not too much. We went to a really interesting art performance one of the evenings which I highly recommend, completely original and except the unexpected for sure. Women dancing and fighting above you in water, flying screaming women that flows around in crisp, shiny paper impossible to describe but fascinating and very artistic. We also went to MoMa of course, my man could have spent hours in there but I can not when there's real life outside to take in and explore.

Everyday we had a walk in Central Park, I would say it's a must to just get some balance from the huzz and buzz and they also offer some wonderful restaurants in there.  Perfect for lunch or a cocktail.